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Adriana’s Ears

(Adriana at sixteen weeks) When I feel deflated, do you know what cheers me up? Adriana’s ears. Most of the time Ade, our four-month-old mutt, wears her ears – velvety soft, caramel hued – cockeyed, as though she hasn’t decided which direction suits her best. For instance, yesterday afternoon, as leaves sprinkled from the coloring …

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Adriana Runs Away on the Fort Campbell Military Base

(Meadow and Adriana a.k.a. Ade) On Friday evening, Mace and I took our eleven-week-old puppy Adriana to the Fort Campbell Military Base. We were having dinner with the goofiest hound dog we ever fostered, Silvio Dante, and his family. Silvio’s parents invited a few neighbors. In total, seven humans feasted on fried green tomatoes and …

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Socializing Adriana La Cerva

(Adriana, 8 weeks, four days old, 9 lbs.) Over the past ten months of fostering dogs for ICHBA, I’ve learned that nothing in this world gives me more satisfaction than transforming animals that had been ditched like trash or treated like punching bags into well-behaved human companions. And when I can train them to be …

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