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Meet B. Lou Lou, A Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

(B. Lou Lou) (Adriana and B. Lou Lou) B. Lou Lou is a homeless dog in the ICHBA network that isn’t living at the Farnival. She’s staying with another foster family. All we know about her history is that someone dumped her off at the door of the Southside Pharmacy in Springfield this winter. In …

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Foster Dogs

Quick note: I call all my nameless foster dogs after Soprano characters to pay tribute to the greatest cast in the universe. Besides, it’s ridiculously fun.   (Shae Daisy) (Bee Lou Lou) (Lucy) (Dawn) (Tony Soprano a.k.a. T-bone) (Lucky a.k.a. Captain Jack Johnson) The Magic 8 The Magic 8 consist of eight puppies found in a …

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