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The Magic 8 are ready for Adoption

Six weeks and two days old, and the Magic 8 are already leaving the Farnival. Corrado “Junior” Soprano, the fattest, happiest, and most laid-­back puppy I’ve ever met was adopted yesterday afternoon by Austin and her HUGE mutt Jack. I think Junior and Jack are going to have a blast together. Before Mason and Donna …

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The Magic 8: Feeding Time and Soprano Names

By far, the M8’s favorite activity is feeding time. This is what they look like right before I serve their grub. In order of appearance starting bottom left: Jeannie Cusamano, Angie Bonpensiero, Livia Soprano, Gloria Trillo, Adriana La Cerva, A.J. Soprano, Corrado “Junior” Soprano, and Charmaine Bucco. Follow

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