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Bee’s Bad Habit: Hunting Frogs

for sure(Adriana and Bee)

Every foster dog brings an unwanted tradition or two to the Farnival. Rosie destroyed toys, Dawn chewed shoes, and Shady pees anywhere she pleases. Most of the time, it’s relatively easy breaking rookie’s unacceptable behaviors, but not in Bee’s case. Bee has a bad habit of hunting frogs. It must be incredibly fun because I’m not only having a hell of a time saving the harmless amphibians, but the frog hunting frenzy is spreading.

After finding a slew of frog corpses on the basement’s concrete floor, I investigated and discovered Bee showing her partner-n-crime Adriana about nuzzling frogs until they puff up, then swatting the innocent swollen amphibians around the cinder block walls. The biggest problem with controlling this unacceptable pastime is the frog’s own defense mechanism. In order to look menacing a frog swells up until she looks like she’s going to burst. I guess that works against snakes and birds, but for Bee and Ade, it only eggs them on because the frog ends up looking a lot like a ball.

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