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We Can Vote

I was sad when I saw the video of the woman in Central Park. How could someone who looks just like me use our privilege to intimidate? Then, a week later, when I saw the George Floyd video, I cried. I cried on and off for a good twenty-four hours. And I gave myself permission to do it. It’s okay to feel sad. Who wouldn’t?

Then, I thought about what I can do. What can a middle-class white woman do to help change racism? First and foremost,  I’ll vote. I’ll cast my ballot in a red county where it won’t even matter but I WILL VOTE. I’ll sign petitions and protest peacefully. I will spend my money on organizations and products that support black lives. Lastly, I will educate myself, recognize my own inner racism, and work to undo a lifetime of white conditioning. Because if we can’t even respect each other, what chance do we have of respecting animals?

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