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Cabin Fever at the Farnival


Snow, ice, and slush have blanketed yards and roads for over a week in middle Tennessee. That’s unheard of in Nashville.

At first, Mason and I loved it, acting like teenagers, stocking up on frozen pizza bites and sledding down the backyard. The dogs were just as delirious, careening after us and through the white flakes like they had found a new toy. Our joy lasted for several days.

But, over the weekend, when nobody could walk because a new storm had carried in several inches of ice, making surfaces as slick as a skating rink, everybody’s mood took a sour turn.

After a brief attempt, even the dogs gave up trying to play outside. Instead, unexercised and bored, they started raising hell inside. For two entire days, it was complete chaos. I went from reprimanding one dog to the other. At some point or another, I caught Tony munching on my I-phone, Adriana chewing up the remote control, Meadow jumping on the stove for a treat I’d forgotten about, and Dawn rooting through the bathroom garbage, searching for something, anything to tear apart.

Thankfully yesterday morning we were able to start walking again, making eight laps around our trails in the woods, and things have calmed down considerably. I know I’m not the only one – human or dog- thinking this, but I’m really ready for this winter to be over.

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