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Coming Soon: Monkeys in Quepos

I’ve been procrastinating posting my last story about our 700-mile road trip across Costa Rica for two reasons. One, Mason and I are cleaning and painting my office. It’s hard to think straight in the midst of that obnoxious paint smell.

No exaggeration, I think we donated at least 300 books to Goodwill. Mason had to make two trips to town and one to the recycling center. I’ve talked about our minimalist lifestyle before, but when it comes to books I’m a downright hoarder.

I love the smell of a good book. Am I right readers? Good books have a certain scent. Even dogs recognize it. When Adriana was a puppy, she rarely chewed up my books. But when she did, she always picked my favorites.

I’ve also been putting off finishing my story because I don’t want to say goodbye to Costa Rica. That’s the cool thing about writing. We get to linger in places and moments long after they are over. And with all this craziness going on around us, I’ve been perfectly content hanging out in Quepos with Nora and Rita.

The final Costa Rica post is coming this week. I swear. And it’s all about monkeys. But in order to catch up on our road trip, you should read the first three parts. And well, since we’re all stuck at home… why not?  Click here for a preview. Here for part one. Here for two. And here for three.

Stay safe. And pura vida.

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