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family photo

Floyd, Miss Annie, Melissa, Joe Poop, Sara Puff, Dessie Daisy, Mason

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Charlotte Padfield

Charlotte is my seventeen-year-old sidekick and the creative genius behind The Farnival’s web design. You can contact her at: charlottecpadfield@gmail.com


Gabrielle, Lucy, and Stanley

Gabrielle Stevenson is a diehard northern Cali girl who moved to Ennis, Texas to manage a racetrack. Animal rescue is in her blood. When I first met her, her parents had adopted a blind Great Dane with glass eyes. Her pack includes Stanley, Lucy, and a cat named Heathcliff.


Katherine, Georgia, Annabel, Chris, Dee and Holly Peacock

Katherine Peacock lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband, two toddlers, two dogs, four cats, and a few fish. She runs a tight ship in a busy household. Six years ago Katherine taught me how to be a pack leader.

Geoff Reed

Geoff Reed

Originally from Wisconsin, Geoff Reed spent 25 years living in Colorado and Washington State developing and implementing environmental conservation programs for Federal, State and local governments. Always looking to experience new and different things, he moved to Nashville in 2009 to do just that.

Justin Bio


Justin Gutierrez a.k.a J2 calls the Great Plains home. An avid disc golfer, editor, and amateur photographer, he travels with the NHRA Drag Racing Tour. I affectionately call him Mason’s road wife.

Shane and Benjamin

Benjamin and Shane

Shane Armstrong lives in San Pedro, CA with her thirteen-year-old son Benjamin. Rosalie (Rosie) Beagles joined the family in 2012. Shane names all her animals after flowers. Family members that have already gone to glory include cats Snapdragon and Buttercup plus beta fish Bluebell.


Camille Armstrong

When my mother-in-law flew to China to adopt Camille, they handed her over, then asked for the clothes off her tiny back. I’m not proud of it, but at ICHBA we do the same. We take the collars back from the dogs we adopt out because we can’t afford to buy new ones. Camille is fifteen, a visual artist, and plays volleyball like a beast. I’m closer to her than I am to my own blood.


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