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Farnival Life Update: Going Back to Work

Wooooo hoooo! Mason and I are going back to work this weekend. I need to go back to work and not only for the obvious monetary reasons. I also realized during quarantine that being a housewife isn’t for me. If I don’t cook another meal this year, I won’t be upset.

For those recently joining this blog, Mason and I work for the television production crew on the NHRA Drag Racing Series. Like so many people in the entertainment industry, our company furloughed us in March. I’m a little nervous about all the new protocols on the job site. I heard a rumor that a shower curtain will hang around my position in the TV truck. Good luck to me. 

As far as my pack, I already dread leaving them, and I don’t go until Friday night. This has always been the give and take of my career. I love my job but it means being away from home a few night a week. It’s always hard to say goodbye, but this time will be especially tough. 

We’re so close right now, so dialed-in to each other’s rhythms and habits that being without my dogs will feel like I’m forgetting something. During the past five months, we were only apart when I went to the dentist, meaning we were apart about four out of the last 3528 hours. 

But, it will be a quick trip, two days. Actually, the dogs will probably be glad to get rid of me for a bit. They love our house-sitter Lino. He lets them stay up late to chase frogs in the backyard, sleep past dawn, nap like couch potatoes, and eat too many treats. They haven’t acted that lazy in a long time. 

Next week I’ll be posting “A Tired Dog is a Good Dog: The Many Benefits of Walking” so check back soon. Have a happy and safe weekend. As always, thanks for reading. 

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