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Walking During the Coronavirus

I can’t lie. The coronavirus hasn’t changed our daily schedules much.  If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that I spend more time with dogs than people anyway.

What the coronavirus did change is our employment status. Since Mace and I work in the sports industry, we got laid off for at least the next month. I’ve never been laid off before, but I can tell you that my freaks love it, mainly because we’ve been walking our tails off. During this strange, chaotic time, I can’t recommend walking enough.

Walking is medicine. It helps with the stress. It helps with the isolation.  We’ve been averaging six miles a day, but sometimes we go eight. So, if y’all need some company, live around Nashville and want to walk (from a safe distance of course) please email me: thefarnival@gmail.com. We’ll even let you set the pace 🙂

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