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Foster Failures by Melissa

In fostering circles, if a family adopts one of the homeless animals they care for, they are called “foster failures.” It’s literally a term. By that definition, Mason and I have failed because we adopted Meadow. It happened at the end of last month, and I wanted to compose an essay to announce it, but I got busy with the fundraiser, and then we had a few ICHBA emergencies, which I’ll tell you about later in the week. It’s getting to the point where my delay feels like a lie, and I hate deceiving all y’all. One day, I will write an essay about why we made the choice we did, but for now, drum roll, please: It’s official. Meadow is staying here.

I can tell you that the decision to add a sixth member to our pack wasn’t made lightly, so it doesn’t feel wrong. In fact, it feels awesome. We are thrilled that Meadow is a member of the family.  Surprisingly, so is Donna, ICHBA’s founder, who understandably frowns at foster failures, but can’t deny how Meadow has flourished at the Farnival. Donna even waived the adoption fee 🙂 She thinks that Meadow should be ICHBA’s cover girl for the 2014 adoption season, and I tend to agree. She is a beautiful beast, isn’t she?

Meadow 3

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