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How The Farnival Earned its Name by Melissa

This is my first non-animal post. I’m breaking the law because a lot of folks ask how the Farnival earned its name. I’m honored that you guys even give a poop. Unfortunately, the story isn’t that exciting. Eight years ago Pidge and Beej drove from Charlotte to Nashville for a weekend of music and football. The night they arrived we celebrated by drinking way too much beer at our fire pit playing word games. In the midst of our revelries, I meant to say either Farm or Carnival, but I blurted out Farnival. And it just stuck. I don’t know why.



 My youngest sister Camille and her dad made The Farnival sign at the top of this site for my Christmas present a few years ago. Camille also drew the maps, which depict the trails Mason and I carved in the woods behind our house with rakes, clippers, and a push lawn mower.

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