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Could Livia and Bentley share blood?

BentleyLivia(Livia Soprano and Bentley)

By far, the most intelligent, spirited, and ferocious member of the Magic 8 is Livia Soprano. She’s unstoppable.

For the past three weeks, something about her extraordinary intelligence and indomitable courage was so familiar that it nagged at me like a forgotten item on my to-do list.

Then, one day last week I was flipping through some old pictures and ran across shots of Bentley (the Farnival foster dog that we almost had to euthanize because of aggression but now lives in Alaska) when he had been six to eight-weeks-old.

The puppy on the right of the split screen is Bentley a few days after I found him in a tree on the Springfield Greenway last summer, almost exactly a year ago, at a spot on the trail less than a mile from Smith Street, the place where Livia was born.

Down to the white stripe between their foreheads, they look like mirror images. Am I crazy? I don’t know. You decide.

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