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Meet Benny by Melissa

Benny CU

Benny is a fifty-four pound, two-year-old coon dog mutt with long ears and legs, a mopey face, and a gentle disposition. He’s smart and learned how to use both stairs and a doggie door within two hours of arriving here. He’s pretty much house-trained, but every once in a while he lifts his leg on popular spots like his crate or a doorframe. After a few laps on the trails behind the Farnival, he learned proper leash etiquette really quickly. Now, he lumbers right beside my thigh. With continued training, he’ll be a dream on walks, no pulling, yanking, barking, etc. Nothing much seems to bother him. He’s great with cats and other dogs. He’s very quiet; he’s been here a week, and I’ve yet to hear him howl. Benny doesn’t seem to need a lot of anything except for love and loyalty. To adopt Benny click here.

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