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My Big Sister Sara by Adriana

Hey everybody. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy. The other day I was reading a magazine that challenged readers to compose a piece of flash fiction (300 words or less) about their dog’s interior life. I thought, why not?  If you need a creative outlet right now, try writing from your mutt’s point of view. It’s silly fun. Please send me your results. I’d love to read them.

(Sara and Ade)

My Big Sister Sara

The dirt heaves near my paws. A mole tunnels underneath it. The earth stills, stays still. The mole has no idea how patient I can be. My big sister Sara taught me about a huntress’s patience. She teaches me lots of things. Right now, she’s watching and her approval means everything.

The moving earth is the only evidence I need the mole’s there, but I also smell him. Moles smell like squirrels but different. They carry more of a muddy aroma while the latter’s fragrance is mixed with evergreen. I’m sure he senses me too, but he’s hungry for grubs. Our yard’s lowest corner is a like a worm’s version of the dog park.

I’m good at hunting moles, but I’ve never caught a squirrel aka the holy grail. My sister killed two. Both times we had been running leash-free in the woods. Sara says squirrels are fast but they are indecisive. Strike during that moment of indecision.

The earth trembles again. He’s close. Every muscle in my body vibrates with anticipation. I almost lunge, but I picture Sara being motionless and active all at once. I wait another fraction of a second, until the mole’s hands break the surface. Then I pounce. The mole scrambles for deeper ground, but my timing is perfect. I seize him before he gets far. A wild joy swells inside me, and I triumphantly whip him back and forth.

Afterwards, I roll over his body, spreading his glorious aroma all over my fur. Sara rolls on him too. We don’t have long. As soon as mom sees, she’ll march outside and throw him over the fence. Then she’ll march back inside, muttering about how uncivilized we are. Sara licks my mouth, letting me know she’s proud. I snatch the mole and start racing across the grass. My big sister chases me.

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