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Adriana La Cerva June 2014

floyd redFloyd Oct. 2009

If Floyd could speak, he’d say fixin’ with a thick southern accent. A self-proclaimed mama’s boy, Floyd loves me almost as much as he loves Sara. His temperament is mostly chill, until I let him loose in the woods. And then he acts like he just sucked down a dog’s version of a whip-it, feverishly leaping and smelling and running.

Sara and sunSweet Sara Puff II Oct. 2009

Someone ditched Sara (and her brother Floyd) on the side of Flewellyn Road. When Mason brought her home, my neighbor looked her over. “You want me to put a bullet in her head?” he asked. No one thought she’d survive. But she did. She’s grown into a loner and a lover. A hellion. Her brother is her best friend.

MeadowMeadow March 2013

After three and a half months with her almost-forever family, Meadow Soprano returned to the Farnival on Friday, Jan. 31st.  Her family exhausted all their resources, but couldn’t control her separation anxiety. ICHBA put her back up for adoption, but nobody seemed like the right fit for Meadow, so two and a half months later, we decided to adopt her. For her history click here.

pretty boo colorsBoo Feb. 2004

Boo sits on the headrest of the leather couch, sound asleep. A finch suddenly swoops in the front door, then into the living room. Boo leaps vertical, knocking that bird down with a swipe so fast and accurate he seems bionic. He settles back into his sleeping position, tucks the finch under his belly, saving it for later.


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