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A Foster Dog Named Pippi Learns to Swim

Mason and I decided the best parts of fostering dogs is that they make us laugh. A lot. Our foster dog Pippi learning to swim proves my point. Just the expressiveness of her ears can prompt a giggling fit, but Pippi’s best trait, by far, is her joy around water. Her enthusiasm is so over-the-top, I could watch her swim, or at least try to, for at least an hour.

We never know if dogs are going to like water or hate it. In our own pack, Sara loves to swim, but Floyd, her littermate and best friend, rarely puts his front paw in the creek. There was no guessing with Pippi. She went nuts the second she saw the Sulphur Fork Creek.

At first, she struggled with the mechanics of swimming, but she’s slowly getting better. She has that anchor-ass problem, where her butt sinks. Mason suggested carrying a retractable leash, so she can go farther. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ll know that for walking purposes we don’t allow foster dogs off leashes and we never use retractable ones…unless its for a special circumstance, like this one:

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