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Dogs During Quarantine

What would I do without my dogs during this whole quarantine? I love my husband but since we’re pretty much together 24/7 right now, every once in a while he drives me nuts. And I’m sure I do the same to him. Regularly.

I never feel that way about my dogs. Over their lives, I’ve wished a thousand times they would start talking. But right now, I appreciate their quietness more than ever. Dogs are so unaffected by all this chaos that being with them makes cutting out all the clatter easy.

When we’re hanging out, we’re not talking about the coronavirus, the ones who died, or the fact that like millions of people across the country we don’t have jobs right now. Instead, we’re worrying about the important stuff, like long, meandering walks, afternoon naps on the porch, eating healthy food, and getting eight hours of sleep a night.

I’ve talked before about how much dogs teach us, and right now, during this quarantine, there is no better mentor.

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