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Silvio Dante: Update One

sil flop

Silvio is one of the goofiest dogs I’ve ever met. Granted, the way he looks – with his extra-long ears, flapping tongue, and paddle-sized paws – influences this impression, but even his walk is silly. My friend Nancy says his step resembles a Tennessee Walking Horse because Sil picks up his front ankles in an exaggerated prance that becomes more pronounced the faster we move. And yet, his back legs don’t go forward at all but swing in a side- to- side motion that has a different rhythm than his front paws altogether and seems exhausting to maintain. It’s hilarious to watch.

I’ve never been around these large breed hound dogs before, but Silvio is the second one we’ve had at the Farnival in just as many months, and I am sold. His fur is as soft as velvet, and like Benny, our first tall hound, he’s a particularly docile creature. One walk a day manages his temperament.

Speaking of easy, even though he had never lived inside before coming here, he hasn’t had a single accident in the house. After Rosie, it’s a welcome change.

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