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Shady Update


I think our foster puppy Shady Shae might have found a home, and we haven’t even put her up for adoption yet. When we were driving up the Pacific Coast earlier this month, she stayed with Judy. Judy also fosters dogs for ICHBA. Like us, she recently lost an elderly pack member and another one isn’t far from the Rainbow Bridge.

In the five days I was away, Shady wormed her silly little self right into Miss Judy’s heart. Judy said having her around was like, “a breath of fresh air.” She asked me if I’d “mind” letting Shady live with her so our ear-licking, couch-pooping puppy can win over Judy’s husband. I told her that of course I minded. But I’m thrilled for Shady. I can’t imagine it’s going to take very long before we hear an official announcement. I’ll keep you posted.

Shady Throwing Down in the Mosh Pit

My office has one window. It looks over the backyard aka the mosh pit. Mason has threatened more than once to turn my desk around. Whenever he walks by my office door, I’m never writing but staring outside. He’s got a point. But who could blame me? Over the last two weeks it’s been a particularly entertaining view. I watched our foster puppy Shady Shae learn about throwing down in the mosh pit:






Farnival Update

DSC_0838(Shae Daisy a.k.a.Shady)

The last month has been crazy. Between Dessie dying, working in Denver, and my vacation, I am so behind on schoolwork that I need to shut everything off for the next two weeks and make catching up a priority. I’m sorry y’all but I’m really overwhelmed, and it’s important to me to do well during my last semester. Heck, I even told Donna I can’t participate in Shady’s now weekly trips to the library! Yep. That little shit is becoming a local star at the Springfield Public Library, chilling with a whole posse of five-year olds, and I can only participate from the sidelines. My deadline is exactly two weeks from today. Wish me luck. I have thirty-five pages due. I’m on page eight.