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Snapshots from Adriana’s Vacation


On our flight to the west coast, Adriana slept the entire five hours. But, on the plane ride back, she yipped pretty much every ten minutes, sick and tired of being shoved in a bag under a dark cold seat. Finally, Mace and I gave up trying to get her to sleep and ripped off pages of Southwest airline’s Spirit Magazine for her to chew up. As far as the time in between, well, maybe these pictures will tell the story:

enjoyviewAdriana looking for gray whales in Yachats, Oregon

campingCamping on Gold Bluffs Beach, California

fogWatching the fog roll over the Prairie Creek Redwoods

ran in redwoodsRunning down Howland Hills Road, Jedediah Smith Redwoods, Crescent City, CA

ran on cliffsRunning on the cliffs near Heceta Head Lighthouse near Cape Perpetua, Oregon

DSC_0943Running on the 804 trail in Yachats, Oregon

dig shellsSearching for rocks on the Oregon coast

Dug for shells

watch the sunsetWatching the sunset