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Taste of Country Update

ICHBA had a fantastic day at Taste of Country yesterday in Springfield, TN. The only bad part was the heat. It was wicked hot. I literally sweated out five pounds and Donna almost had a heat stroke, but as far as marketing we couldn’t have spent our time in a better place.

Donna, ICHBA’s head honcho, passed out so many cards she ran out and had to start writing her contact info on notebook paper. We signed up six people for ICHBA’s low-cost spay and neutering program. But, the best news of all: two families started the adoption process for Lucy and Percy. Y’all know Lucy. Click here for a refresher. Percy is some kind of cattle mutt living with another ICHBA foster family.

Our booth was swamped from the time we arrived until about an hour before closing time, so I didn’t get many pictures. But I did catch this special moment when Percy laid down next to a young disabled boy in a wheelchair.


Overcoming An Adoption Slump


Adoptions have been extraordinarily slow for the past couple months. It’s not only Rosie that’s been at the Farnival too long, but Dawn has been here close to six months now. I’ve been told that every rescue agency goes through a slump. But it’s hard to be patient.

Normally, ICHBA posts ads on Craig’s List and Petfinders, and within a few weeks, months maybe, the dogs find homes. Up until December, it’s been a very successful way to rehome animals. Obviously, the game has changed. The good news is that ICHBA has decided to meet the current challenge head on by stepping up our marketing game. The agency has launched a Facebook page and is designing a website, which I’ll announce as soon as it’s finished.

Last week Donna and I took the dogs to the 2015 Springfield Art Walk, where we passed out cards and mingled with Chief of Police David Thompson. We’ve applied for a membership with PetSmart Charities, which means (if we get accepted) we’ll be able to set up camp with our pups at their store any day of the week. And lastly, on June 13th ICHBA will have a booth at Springfield’s Taste of Country, where people can meet the adoptable dogs or get a high-five from Meadow for a buck.

I’m totally excited about all the changes happening for ICHBA in 2015. I’ll keep you posted.