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Saving Bentley: Update Seven by Melissa

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Meadow and Bentley

Charlotte, my seventeen-year-old sidekick, said it perfectly when Bentley finally left us on Tuesday, March 4th, “What a saga.” She’s so right on.

I found Bentley in a tree on the Springfield greenway last summer during a thunderstorm when he was six-weeks-old. A former friend adopted him, but didn’t socialize him, which meant that when she finally ditched him, he suffered from fear aggression and bit people when he saw strange dogs.

There were several weeks when we thought he might have to be euthanized and that was a very dark time at the Farnival. But then we met the saintly Maddison, who not only trained us to manage Bentley’s aggression, but, in the end, she decided to adopt him.

On Wednesday, March 5th, Bentley left with Maddison, her daughter, and his new dog-brother Cole, for Seattle, WA, where they’ll catch a flight to Wasilla, Alaska. I know that Bentley will reappear in my stories time and time again, so I don’t really have to say goodbye.

Meet Cozette by Melissa

Cozette La Cerva

 Hearing a cat cry Mason opened the front door on a frigid February night, and a white and gray fur ball streaked across his feet.

B W with Coz

Meet Cozette La Cerva. She’s twelve-weeks-old and four pounds with a nose as pink as her tongue. Mason says someone dropped her off. I think word on the animal street in Cedar Hill pointed Cozette to the Farnival. It’s been a long time since I had a kitten in the house, so we’re treating her like a dog. I’m feeding her on the pack’s schedule and walking her on a leash. Good luck to us.