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The Blackout Has Ended @ The Farnival


You freaks are awesome. I had several people write and ask me where the hell I’ve been for the past two weeks. I apologize. I had to be selfish and shut everything off so I could get caught up on school work. I was getting so far behind that my stress level was starting to affect my role as a cool, calm pack leader. Kaye, one of my most faithful readers, sent me the funniest message this morning:

“Blackout. The word used by NASA for the loss of communication between astronauts and the base when the ship is reentering Earth’s atmosphere. It is also the silence from the Farnival these past two weeks. ‘Will the command module survive the intense heat of reentry? If it doesn’t, there’ll be only silence. About all any of us can do now is listen and hope.’- Ah, Apollo 13…one of my favorite movies. I miss your blog!”

I assured Kaye all is well. In fact, things are really good. I sent in all those pages for my deadline this morning. I’ll be posting about my pack and foster dogs starting tomorrow 🙂 As always, I’m so blown away by the amount of people that care about these mutts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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