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Quick note: I call all my nameless foster dogs after Soprano characters to pay tribute to the greatest cast in the universe. Besides, it’s ridiculously fun.



(Shae Daisy)


(Bee Lou Lou)

Lucy Break 1



DSC_0555(Tony Soprano a.k.a. T-bone)

Jack tree(Lucky a.k.a. Captain Jack Johnson)

pups in crateThe Magic 8

The Magic 8 consist of eight puppies found in a ghetto in Springfield, TN that ICHBA pulled from their “den” at 3 weeks old. As of July 20, 2015, we are still trying to catch the pup’s feral mother. In order of appearance starting bottom left: Jeannie Cusamano, Angie Bonpensiero, Livia Soprano, Gloria Trillo, Adriana La Cerva, A.J. Soprano, Corrado “Junior” Soprano, and Charmaine Bucco.



Tori is a thirty-five pound mutt that loves to walk, cuddle, and chase our three black cats. Fortunately, our felines know how to defend themselves. Tori needs time to warm up to people, especially men, but once she does, she’s as loyal as any dog I’ve met.



Pippi came with a name but no history, wandering up to a stranger’s house in Springfield, TN without a collar and covered in fleas. She is seven-month-old and forty pounds with the sweetest disposition and extraordinary ears . Miss Pippi has more fun swimming than any human or animal I’ve ever seen in a body of water.


sil flopSilvio Dante: renamed Sil

Silvio Dante is an eight-month-old hound dog mix with a gait like a Tennessee Walking Horse. He’s not the smartest tool in the shed, but his goofiness makes up for it. He’s incredibly lovable and easy to manage after one walk day, but without enough exercise be prepared to have a few shoes chewed up.


DSC_0458Ralph Cifaretto: renamed Rico

Ralph Cifaretto is a six-week-old, four pound Maltese-Poodle mutt that someone ditched on the Springfield Greenway. He stayed with us for a total of thirty-two hours before he was adopted by Kelly and her twelve year old son C.J., who renamed him Rico. C.J. promised to send me frequent updates.

Thelma updateThelma: renamed Abby

Thelma is a fifty-two pound, six –month-old lab mutt that someone dropped off at the Antioch Baptist a thousand feet up the road a few weeks ago. She’s very timid and completely un-socialized, but she’s built like a tank. She’s going to be a beast. Like we do with a lot of adoptions, we’ve put her on hold until we can at least train her to walk on a leash and get in a car.

DSC_0303Rosalie Aprile: renamed Izzy

Rosalie Aprile a.k.a. Rosie is a little ball of sunshine. She is full of nothing but love and roundworms 🙂 Thankfully, a few doses of Panacur will eliminate the latter. They vet told us that she’s a St. Bernard mutt. She’s twenty-three pounds, not housetrained, and learning proper leash etiquette quickly. She spent the first four months of her life outside during the coldest winter Tennessee has experienced in 37 years, so she prefers being inside.


Jim Bob

Jimmy earned the nickname Jim Bob because he looks so country. He came with the name Jim, and since he’s six-years-old we decided not to rename him. He’s a white, purebred English setter with long feathered hairs hanging from his ears and the backs of his legs. He was bred from a long line of hunting dogs, but he won’t hunt, so after years of living in a generously sized kennel he’s looking for a new home.

Benny CUBenny Fazio

It happened quick. One afternoon Donna called, said Benny had a meet and greet, and that night he was gone. A Springfield, TN family with three young children adopted Benny, which is great news for everyone at the Farnival because he only lives ten miles away. His new family has a huge backyard and a boatload of tennis balls. They can’t wait to take him to the dog park and this spring’s little league games. Donna, ICHBA‘s administrator, said she heard that Benny’s new dad already likes snuggling with him on the couch.


Cozette La Cerva

On February 25th Donna, ICHBA’s one and only administrator, took Cozette La Cerva to the Fix Foundation in Franklin, Kentucky. The good news is that the clinic will vaccinate and spay her. The bad news: I’ll never know where she finds her forever home. The Fix Foundation adopts out their cats at Petco and Petsmart. Letting her go without knowing where she’ll end up is like reading a great book, but never finding out the end. I just have to hope that whoever finds her realizes what a smart little sugar shit they have on their hands. Good luck, Cozette. For more click here.

Melfi foot up

 Dr. Melfi a.k.a Miss Mellie a.k.a. Smelly

It was hard for Mellie to see her hero Bentley fall so hard for a beautiful older woman, but that’s exactly what happened. Bentley has fallen madly in love with our newest foster dog Meadow. He’s obsessed. When Meadow gets tired of making out with him, he licks her drool from the kitchen floor. The day after Meadow arrived at the Farnival, Miss Mellie found her forever family. We will always love you, Mellie. Her forever family reports she’s doing great.  For more about Melfi click here and here.


Bent pup

Bentley (at eight weeks)

I found Bentley in a tree on the Springfield greenway last summer during a thunderstorm when he was six-weeks-old. A former friend adopted him, but didn’t socialize him, which meant that when she finally ditched him, he suffered from fear aggression and bit people when he saw strange dogs. There were several weeks when we thought he might have to be euthanized and that was a very dark time at the Farnival. But then we met the saintly Maddison, who not only trained us to manage Bentley’s aggression, but, in the end, she decided to adopt him.On Wednesday, March 5th, Bentley left with Maddison, her daughter, and his new dog-brother Cole, for Seattle, WA, where they’ll catch a flight to Wasilla, Alaska. I know that Bentley will reappear in my stories time and time again, so I don’t really have to say goodbye.


Artie Ball

Artie Bucco: Renamed Reggie

Reggie lives on a 900-acre farm in Kentucky. His best friends include three toddlers and a cat. He’s charmed the “Johnsons” into letting him on the furniture, so now he enjoys both the couch and bed. For more about Reggie click here.


Carm outback

Carmela Soprano: Renamed Sophia

Sophia spent the day after Thanksgiving in a food coma because she ate too much ham. Her best friend is a little boy named Ben, who she sleeps with every night. Her forever family treats her like a queen. For more on Sophia click here and here.


Meadow 3

Meadow Soprano

After three and a half months with her almost-forever family, Meadow Soprano returned to the Farnival on Friday, Jan. 31st.  Her family exhausted all their resources, but couldn’t control her separation anxiety. ICHBA put her back up for adoption, but nobody seemed like the right fit for Meadow, so two and a half months later, we decided to adopt her. For her history click here. 


Big Pussy Bonpensiero

      Sunshine with a soul patch. That’s how I remember him. I have no idea where he lives.


pauly b&w

Paulie Walnuts Gualtieri: Renamed Augie

Augie still pees in his forever family’s home, but he wants to be better. He’s gained seven pounds and learned to eat slowly, instead of gulping his food like it was his last bowl. He loves to play with other dogs, toys, and balls. He gets the highest marks for his snuggling abilities.

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