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Ying and Yang by Geoff Reed

For background on Lucy and the Perry County 8, click here.

005(Lucy and Molly)

For about a week, Molly was the Ying in my life, Lucy was the Yang.

Molly is a feisty 12-pound Beagle mix that I got from a rescue last May on my first day as a bachelor (again.) Lucy is a 43-pound foster dog I’ve had about 2 weeks.

Molly has always been a blur of excitement, spinning in circles after her tail, leaping with joy, yapping for attention, licking my face and pawing at me to go outside. She eagerly plays with any toy and treats everything like a game; making the bed, mopping the floor, a spider crawling across the floor, all offer an opportunity for fun.

Lucy, on the other hand, was so calm and gentle, mellow and chill. She would just lie on the floor, taking in her surroundings, watching it all with her soft brown eyes.

Until a few days ago, when an amazing transformation occurred.

After tip tip-toeing around each other for about a week, Molly and Lucy suddenly decided to turn my living room into a mosh pit and rumble, and they haven’t stopped since. Whether it’s a “no-holds-barred-wrestling match,” a “catch-me- if-you-can chase,” or a “pull-to-the-death, stuffed-squirrel tug of war,” it’s just what the doctor ordered for both of them – and for me.

Finally, I can peacefully sit, watching TV or working on the computer while my dogs tire themselves out locked in all-out playful combat. Lucy knows just how hard she can pummel Molly without hurting her, but Molly knows she’s faster, quicker and can easily escape.

They look so happy together that I can’t help but smile. I’ve even invited neighbors over to watch them wrestle because it’s so damn funny.

But, inevitably, as they play, I start thinking about the day Lucy will leave, about how hard it will be for us to say good-bye.

She is my first foster dog, so I find myself in new territory here, not knowing what to expect and unsure of my emotions, which for me is a good thing.

I guess for right now, I’ll just sit back and enjoy watching my Ying and Yang balance each other out.

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